CEO Robert A. (Bob) Fritschie, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Bob retired after a distinguished 25-year career in the Air Force. The first ten years of his career were served in the cockpit as an Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) on the B-52 and as a sensor operator/EWO on the AC-130 gunship on which he flew 109 combat missions in Southeast Asia and was awarded 8 Air Medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He brings a history of successes while serving in engineering, project management, and senior program management roles. After retirement, Bob continued to contribute to the Air Force Acquisition Community for an additional 17 years. He rose to the level of Vice President of a defense contracting company, responsible for directing the operation of the Systems Engineering & Management Company’s largest support center, providing senior leadership to such projects as C-17, F-16, and the Advanced Cruise Missile. While serving in an executive position at Modern Technologies Corporation, he managed the development and acquisition of enhanced electronic warfare equipment for the F-15 Program Office. He is now the CEO and a co-founder of Tridec.

President Robert S. (Bob) Fritschie

Mr. Fritschie has been managing and developing software systems for over 25 years. During his 6 years in the Air Force, he was the software program manager for the TR-1/U-2 ground station and the secure avionics and communication, navigation, identification (CNI) manager for the F-22. After leaving the military, Mr. Fritschie joined a small business as a software engineer and project manager. During his tenure, his leadership in growing the company from fewer than 10 employees to nearly 300 prompted his promotion to Director of Engineering and Vice President. Mr. Fritschie was the System Architect and Lead Engineer on the first web- based grant management system developed for TSA in 2001 as a direct result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He has since been the program manager, system architect, designer, and developer for a wide variety of grant, contract, and business process management systems for the Air Force, Department of Commerce, NOAA, Maritime Administration, African Development Foundation, Department of Homeland Security and others. He is now the President and a co-founder of Tridec.

COO Dave London, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.), CFCM

Mr. London has been an engineer, technical manager, and project manager for over 35 years. His 20-year career in the Air Force started with contributing to the successful initial launches of the Space Shuttle and the Air Launched Anti-Satellite Missile. From there, he moved to the F-16 Program Office as a Foreign Military Sales Program Manager and then a policy analyst at Air Force Material Command Headquarters. In his final assignment before retirement, he managed all technical aspects of a major DoD Acquisition Reform initiative, participating in the re-writing of DoD acquisition policy directives and manuals and then developing an information system—the DoD Acquisition Deskbook—to support the new policies. After retirement from active duty, Lt. Col. London applied his expertise as a program manager becoming a driving force behind a series of grants management, contract management, and other business process support tools. He rose to the level of Senior Vice President of 300-person small business prior to being hired by Lockheed Martin to manage the development of an information system to provide better visibility of all nuclear weapons related materials. He is now The Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder of Tridec.

Training and Career Development Specialist/Coastal Management Planner
Kevin Doyle

Kevin has been part of the Tridec team as an independent consultant since our initial award to the NOAA Coastal Management Fellowship contract in 2011. Since then, he has represented Tridec as a trainer providing courses in leadership, meeting facilitation, career development, and many other topics associated with coastal management. He has provided individualized training to Tridec employees, monitored performance, and provided constructive feedback to aid professional development. Before launching his consulting firm, Green Economy, Kevin was the National Director of Program Development at the headquarters of Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) from 1988-2007. ECO was a national nonprofit organization with offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Cleveland, Tampa and Boston. As National Director of Program Development, Kevin was a leader in creating employer-financed programs that supported 12,000 paid internships and fellowships for students from hundreds of colleges in all fifty states.