Tridec was established in April 2009 by a team that has worked together since 1995. Our core skills are analyzing needs, designing, and developing successful software systems that have made Federal Government organizations more effective. Our primary focus has been on the procurement, program management, and financial management communities. This cohesive team provides our strength as a company, allowing us to communicate extremely efficiently, and drives the effective management of all corporate business activities. The resulting benefit to our customers is a virtual absence of corporate bureaucracy. They get immediate and authoritative responses to any requests or questions.

Our first mission as Tridec was developing a new generation, secure, flexible, and scalable system framework to serve as a foundation for future projects. This framework positioned us for our first contract - the result of an urgent Friday evening call from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Veterans were suffering severe financial hardships because of delays in receiving education reimbursements. The VA required a secure web application for veterans to file for reimbursements electronically. This capability was needed by Tuesday (IN FOUR DAYS). By working around the clock, Tridec met the extremely short schedule and delivered the required system. This success earned Tridec the VA’s 2011 Veteran Owned Small Business Award for Extraordinary Achievement.