Successful IT projects start with a foundation of understanding the business processes involved. Tridec recognize that automated systems should be viewed as a component of a total business solution. The total solution includes all elements of transitioning a workforce to a more effective and efficient means of accomplishing their mission. As such, our technical solutions are often implemented in conjunction with process improvements and therefore must be an integral part of an improvement strategy. Tridec’s senior staff, in addition to their technical knowledge, offers extensive business process engineering capability. We provide proactive assistance to our customers in improving business practices by understanding how procurement tasks are currently performed and knowing how to automate and improve those processes as they migrate into an automated system. We work directly with our customers and their key stakeholders to thoroughly understand how they currently function and to consult with them to redefine the desired process as part of a software solution. We then leveraged the flexibility and scalability of Tridec designed systems to rapidly transition concepts into capabilities. Everything, from the business process through system development, is custom-designed to incorporate the specific needs and requirements of even the most rigorous program. This includes all automated or manual checks and controls as well as status and performance reporting. Our knowledge and experience in developing these systems ensures that we automate and streamline management processes effectively and efficiently.