Tridec develops systems through the agile development approach that our senior technical staff has been using, evolving and teaching to others for over 20 years. Our approach starts with a process in which system requirements and capabilities are discussed and prototyped with close customer involvement in order to verify a common understanding of the detailed objectives and establish agreement on how those objectives will be met. A key early step is to discuss the set of requirements with the customer. This “interview” process allows the Tridec team to hear directly from the customer, ask questions, and get clarification before proceeding with the first iteration of proof of concepts. This is the part of the agile development process that carries the greatest potential risk. The iterative, interview based method relies on productive interactions between two or more groups of people. In general, we mitigate this risk by using only skilled, experienced team members with a track record of establishing a rapport with their customers. Often times, this approach entails multiple design concepts in a several day period to ensure the layout and work flow are exactly what the customer needs. Rapid proofs of concept also allow us to introduce multiple possible implementations when appropriate. This allows the customer to see and consider more than one option and make a more informed decision early in the development process while ensuring the best solution is implemented. This iterative approach not only establishes and enhances a better working relationship through close collaboration, but also ensures that we have a complete understanding of our customers’ requirements. This approach allows the detailed requirements to evolve as the customer sees project components completed. The result is delivering a system that better meets the customers’ needs, more quickly, and for less cost.