Tridec receieves VA Award for
Extraordinary Achievement

Based near Dayton, Ohio, Tridec specializes in providing information technology solutions that improve business processes. Each member of our leadership team has 20-40 years of experience in technical management, development, and implementation of IT programs with the Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, and Department of Transportation, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. We also support National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientific and technical programs in many coastal State Government offices. Tridec’s senior management team is comprised of Veterans that all served in Air Force and Army acquisition and program management functions. Our core technical group has been developing systems to improve government business processes as a team for over 15 years, providing an in-depth understanding of government requirements and unique levels of cooperation and responsiveness.

Tridec’s senior staff offers extensive program management expertise, especially associated with NOAA Scientific and Technical Services. This expertise allows us to work with the customer to provide a level of service that is a partnership for success and goes far beyond just providing qualified “bodies in seats.” The primary tenet of our contract performance is establishing a thorough understanding of our customers, their mission, and the associated stakeholders such that we can offer proactive leadership in anticipating emerging opportunities.